Eurobogu Tokujiyu Koshirae

blade length: 765 mm
sori: approx. 20 mm
tsuka length: 270 mm
overall length: approx. 1020 mm
weight w/o saya: 925 g
total weight: 1150 g

The sword bag was included.

Whole sword: Jidai style, black matte saya, black tsuka-ito, black cotton sageo.

Tsuka-ito is cotton, very tightly wound.

Kashira with a dragon motive.

Similar dragon motive on fuchi, as well as on menuki. Single mekugi is bamboo.

Tsuba is plain black iron, in fact similar to a tsuba on my bokken.

Light alloy chrome plated blade. Can not (and will not) cut anything else than air:-)

The point of kissaki is VERY sharp, "fake" long wave hamon is visible.